Want to join my research team?

I am looking for extremely-motivated undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students with strong algorithmic background to work on algorithmic problems in robot motion planning. To get a sense of my research focus, read this research statement. You can also check out different projects we offer at the Computational Robotics Lab (CRL). If you are interested, and have the necessary background, please send me an email with your CV and a few sentences describing your academic background.

Technion Robotics Seminar

I am co-organizing the Technion Robotics Seminar together with Vadim Indelman, Erez Karpas, Aviv Tamar and Amir Degani. This is a campus-wide seminar, aimed at everyone who is interested in robotics. We will meet every other Monday at 12:30 at Taub 337 (CS building) starting October 28'th. Details will be provided in the seminar's webpage.